Risotto with Spinach


Finally, time for risotto with spinach! Last time I went out to hunt for spinach I came back with lettuce. Great stuff but besides the fact that they are both green, it’s a very different vegetable 😉 This recipe is based on one of my favourite dishes which my mother in law always prepares when we visit Italy. It has a fabulous taste. Mine is ofcourse a slightly different version (besides, no way you can compete with this fantastic recipe for obvious reasons!). Continue reading

Risotto with Asparagus | Beauty of Imperfection


You must be thinking how does imperfection relate to risotto with asparagus? Whenever I’m in Italy I’m confronted with the concept of imperfection and the beauty of it. This time I was reminded of the imperfection because I was preparing a beautiful bunch of thin, long, irregular green asparagus. A big quantity of juicy vegetables for a very reasonable price. How can they compare to the perfectly selected thick, short, green asparagus I find at home in The Netherlands? Both are great but it just shows appearance isn’t everything 🙂 Continue reading

Salad | Lebanese with a twist


Today I had a friend over for lunch and I was very eager to try a recipe from Comptoir Libanais.

The salad is easy to make it’s only that the ‘leaf parsley’ is an ingredient hard to find in a regular shop here. As it’s the main ingredient of the salad you can’t really replace it with anything else. The original recipe is without feta cheese. I think it’s a great addition as it wouldn’t be filling enough to provide as lunch and it would be better as a side dish. I served the salad with warm brown french bread from the oven.

Continue reading