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Friday evening we had the pleasure of trying some real authentic Italian food at D’Antica in Amsterdam. The owner and the chef had arranged a special menu as we were with a delegation from the AIC (Accademia Italiana della Cucina).


Antipasto fresh tuna with a caviar of balsamico


A dish of antipasti: mozzarella, carciofi, fried aubergine and olives, pancetta, tonno fitello


Ravioli with meat dressed with a sauce of cherry tomatoes


Freshly cooked meat seasoned with a delicious truffle sauce


Chocolate cake with an ice cream cone

Overall it was a wonderful experience in good company! We enjoyed the variety of dishes and the ambiance in the restaurant. We were close to the open kitchen and could watch closely what was being prepared.

Photography: Vincenzo D C 

The fundamental objectives around which the activities of the Accademia revolve – safeguarding the culture and civilisation of the table in our country, promoting and favouring their diffusion in Italy and abroad, underlining the force of tradition, understood as a dynamic element’.








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