Risotto with Asparagus | Beauty of Imperfection


You must be thinking how does imperfection relate to risotto with asparagus? Whenever I’m in Italy I’m confronted with the concept of imperfection and the beauty of it. This time I was reminded of the imperfection because I was preparing a beautiful bunch of thin, long, irregular green asparagus. A big quantity of juicy vegetables for a very reasonable price. How can they compare to the perfectly selected thick, short, green asparagus I find at home in The Netherlands? Both are great but it just shows appearance isn’t everything 🙂


  • risotto
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • green asparagus
  • parmigiano


Cook the green asparagus for 8 minutes in salted water. Then place in the grill. Sprinkle first with olive oil and grate the parmigiano on top – as much as you like! Prepare the risotto and keep an eye on the asparagus until the parmigiano starts to change colour. Buon appetito!



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