Banana Ice Cream | Homemade


I’ve made plenty of popsicles but I felt like trying the real deal. As we are the happy owners of a Bimby (Thermomix) and regularly exchange tips with other Bimby fans, I was suggested to try the banana ice cream. It didn’t sound very good because I would never see myself asking for a banana flavoured ice cream in a shop….but what do you know….it’s so good!!


  • 300 grams frozen sliced banana
  • 300 ml frozen milk cubes
  • 40 grams sugar

Instructions (with Bimby/Thermomix)

Place 40 grams of sugar in the Bimby for 2x 5 seconds on turbo

Add the banana and the milk. Speed 7 for about 40 seconds in total (work gradually towards speed 7)

Another 10 seconds at speed 4 and stir.

A variation tip: add some chocolate droplets at the end. Enjoy!!


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