Allow me to  introduce you to the website. This site is created and updated by me. Najobo are my initials. You will find a growing archive of recipes to make at home.

Work is always in progress! For some years I’ve been gathering, trying and improving recipes. Being as fortunate as I am, I’ve watched and learned from people in the kitchen from many cultures. In this way I can learn from practice, the real deal. I get inspired and try to pass on the contagiousness.

Najobo cake

Never a dull moment

Cooking has become more and more important in my life. I enjoy the smell of fresh cake in the house. I love to surprise people with new and refreshing dishes. I live in The Netherlands and my husband is Italian. We are both passionate about food and photography. The photos on this website vary from professional photographs to quick snapshots taken with my smartphone. I love art and I love the composition of art. Creativity plays a big role in our lives together with music. Creativity is the reason this webpage exists in the first place.

As most of the Dutch, I am used to being surrounded by food influences from all over the world. We don’t have a true Dutch Kitchen. This comes as an advantage as we are very open to influence from outside. There are huge varieties of restaurants and you can find your local supermarket to complete your recipes from all around the world. This is somewhat different in Italy as I discovered. Whereas we would mix and match recipes, Italians tend to stick to what they know. This is just something I notice and not a judgement. Here comes the interesting part: I love to combine the knowledge that I gained through the years with an authentic Italian kitchen. You will discover mixed dishes on my menu. Although I have to admit, eating pasta is one of my favorite addictions.

There are several people in my life that inspire me to cook and to come up with new ideas. Pay close attention to what the people you love like to eat. This will allow you to take it one step further and head for that extra smile!

My knowledge growth is in a learning curve, just like yours. Please feel free to leave some constructive feedback.

In the midst of cooking activities, my husband enters the kitchen with a huge colourful bouquet. What a lovely gift and nice gesture! It’s always beautiful to surprise your loved ones. Flower up your life! Grazie amore!

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