Risotto with Asparagus | Beauty of Imperfection


You must be thinking how does imperfection relate to risotto with asparagus? Whenever I’m in Italy I’m confronted with the concept of imperfection and the beauty of it. This time I was reminded of the imperfection because I was preparing a beautiful bunch of thin, long, irregular green asparagus. A big quantity of juicy vegetables for a very reasonable price. How can they compare to the perfectly selected thick, short, green asparagus I find at home in The Netherlands? Both are great but it just shows appearance isn’t everything 🙂 Continue reading

Spring | Asparagus, Potatoes and Egg


To suit all taste buds! Our favorite spring vegetables dish: white asparagus (I will have to check some of my posts where I claim: “This is my favorite dish” as they all seem to be).

This is also quite funny: I just bought baby potatoes and they are actually from Italy. So, when we are in Italy people love to buy the so called Dutch Potatoes. So how come when I buy potatoes in The Netherlands (potato country) they are from Italy? Interesting, good nonetheless.

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