Restaurant | NL |Da Sebastiano


2014-07-03 21.54.05At Da Sebastiano you can enjoy an authentic mini Italian experience. The restaurant we visited was Da Sebastiano No.2. It has a very relaxing atmosphere and the hosts make you feel at home. Every guest is welcomed with a bruschetta al pomodoro (crispy toast with tomato) and the evening never finishes without a limoncello (lemon liquor). They aim to keep a good balance between price and quality. There is definitely enough choice and variation on the menu: plenty of pasta and pizza to choose from, a few meat dishes and one fish dish. The menu is strong and everything on the menu is always available. Continue reading

Restaurant | IT | La Cantina dell’Osenna


La Cantina dell’Osenna  ~ Via Dante Alighieri 42 in San Quirico D’Orcia

Welcome to paradise! In the middle of Tuscany you can find the tiny medieval village of San Quirico d’Orcia. The village is surrounded by ‘pioppi’, tall and thin green trees, gentle hills and lots of fresh air. In fact, if you need to breath some peace, the air here is of the best kind! It’s a fresh, crisp and woody type of smell all year round. I love to discover new places and dive into new gastronomic adventures, especially on Tuscan grounds. Continue reading