Pasta | Red Sauce, Sugo di Mamma

Red sauce, pasta sauce, sugo

Traditional Italian tomato sauce to beautify your pasta Che Buon Sugo!

This sauce is made in every Italian family kitchen. It’s surprisingly simple: the key is getting hold of the right ingredients. I taught myself how to reproduce this sauce by watching my friend in Rome making it time after time. The smell of the sauce fills the room with homey fumes!

If you are planning to make the fresh tagliatelle, you can already prepare the sugo in the afternoon. A few notes on the ingredients:

Grow your own basilico, use tasty extra virgin olive oil. Buy the tomatoes at a local market instead of in the supermarket.

  • Tomatoes I find that the smaller tomatoes you use, the tastier. A good example are the so called honey tomatoes.
  • Olive oil We use Capano olio from our family in the South of Italy. There are many varieties on sale. Make sure you take one that has a rich taste.

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