Inspiration | A Little Tuscan Bite, Spuntino Toscano


Tuscany means

Landscape of a paradise
Soft, green and gentle hills
Small, cheerful birds flying high
Tall, elegant rows of cypress trees
Crisp air with a scent of musky smoke
Sun touching your face rosying up your cheeks

tuscan_biteThe 6 magic ingredients for a Spuntino Toscano

We took a walk in the evening sun and found huge bushes full of wonderfully smelling leafs of rosemary. I couldn’t resist and cut some leafs for our Spuntino Toscano 😀

The wine we bought, Montecchio, Colli della Toscana Centrale, is made of a mix of two types of grapes: Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s an easy wine and it’s great with a Tuscan bite of salame – Did you know? The singular is salame and the plural is salami!

All over Italy people eat ‘pane e salame’ (bread and salami) as a small appetizer but for me Tuscany represents the salami and you will find it on every menu.

Last but not least: the eggs. Personally I love the combination of egg with meat.

Besides all the edible ingredients for A Little Tuscan Bite, there is one very important, untouchable ingredient to make this experience complete, a view of paradise: the Tuscan landscape!

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