Inspiration | Haunted by the Macarons


Mmmmmacaron! I am trying so hard to like the macarons. Why? Because they look so good! The first couple I tried was in Brussels at Pauls. The whole experience was truly awful. We paid a fortune and they tasted terrible. Over the years they’ve become a true hype all over the world. Hundreds of different recipe books on all the variations have been published. Even bakeries specialize in these little meringue biscuits filled with gooey stuff.

As I hadn’t given up yet, I’ve been rewarded! I have seriously found a place where they serve the best macaron! Bar Giolitti, today known as Caffè Settembrini on Via Luigi Settembrini 25, Rome, Italy. As you can see in the photo there is only half a macaron which is a good start! The combination of pistachio nuts and the fresh raspberry is great. Whenever I start the day with a cappuccino at Settembrini’s, it’s now accompanied by a tasty macaron.


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