Inspiration | Meringue A Lady’s Dessert?


The best combination ever An explosion of taste! The sweetness of sugar combined with some sour lemon. It’s all about getting the right balance although I haven’t tried one myself yet. It’s one of my favorite cakes. This particular cake was enjoyed by both me and my husband in Bordeaux.

A little background information from Wikipedia: ‘The notion that meringue was invented in the Swiss town of Meiringen and improved by an Italian chef named Gasparini in the 18th century is contested; the Oxford English Dictionary states that the French word is of unknown origin. It is sure nevertheless that the name meringue for this confection first appeared in print in Fran├žois Massialot’s cookbook of 1692. The word meringue first appeared in English in 1706 in an English translation of Massialot’s book.’

Whether it is Swiss, French or Italian – It’s tasty!

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