Recipe Challenge | Day 7 | Evaluation


Officially 7 days make 1 week. As you can see there are only 6 days of recipes because on the 7th day it’s time to get a new box!

The cherries were gone before unpacking all the vegetables 😉 The mini cucumbers and big cucumbers make great snacks for lunch. The most fun part was discovering new vegetables. The contents of the box helps you decide a lot more quickly what to make for dinner! You are forced to work with a selection.

I’ve had to store most of the vegetables in the fridge. We are only in two and that makes it hard to finish all the veggies in time. Unfortunately I’ve had to throw out the 3 beets and 2 mini cabbages. I would have loved to make a classic ‘Caprese’ with the 3 beets, basil and capers. Most likely I would have cooked the cabbages and made them into a side dish.

If I would do this again? Most definitely! This is a great initiative that enabled my Recipe Challenge and a fantastic way to make sure you eat your daily 2 1/2 cups of veggies.

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