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L’Olivar spécialité du soleil

Driving back to The Netherlands we bumped into this little gem in a quiet French town called Soultz-les-Bains. Here you can find L’ Olivar, a ‘Creative Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with fresh ingredients’.

Goûtez notre cuisine créative d’inspiration méditerranéenne, cuisinée sur place avec des produits frais.

Joël, le Chef

It was midday and we were tired and didn’t have high expectations. Actually we were just looking to eat something, anything really, it could even have been a ham and cheese sandwich! We checked the menu before entering (dreading an escargots, foie gras sort of menu) and it looked promising.

Our choices for the afternoon:

  • Burger méditerranéen ~ Beef with aubergine, noir de Bigorre ham, aïoli and grana padano cheese served with patatas fritas. A very tasty and creative dish with an excellent choice of ingredients. I loved the fact that they used grilled aubergine instead of bread buns for this fresh homemade burger.


  • Liguine “Aglio olio” ~ olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh chili pepper. This is a relatively simple dish if balanced well. The pasta had a perfect bite and they fortunately didn’t go wild with the chili peppers. The olive oil was also added in the right quantities.


  • Crème brûlée aux citrons ~ Crème brûlée with lemons. An old time favourite! The portion was just right to share with two as I don’t like big portions of dessert, especially in the afternoon.


I can guarantee you that this meal boosted our energy levels and filled our minds with positivity. So if you are in the area for a holiday or simply passing through like we did, do make time to stop here for a fantastic meal! Bon appetit!

You can check their website here

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