Inspiration | About The Cheese Box


Conquer the odor with a Cheese Box! I was looking for a lighter and ended up buying a cheese box. I couldn’t find them online in The Netherlands so I bought mine at Cook & Co. Anyway, the lighters were sold out! So it’s not just a poor excuse 😀 Because we came back from France we obviously loaded the car with smelly cheeses. They are so smelly, the odor escapes the fridge without opening the door! I think this is a great solution.

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Happy New Year | Bonne Année


ladureeLadurée Royale

A very Happy New Year from Paris!

We had the pleasure of spending some time in the famous Ladurée tearoom close to Place de la Madeleine. There was no queue and we were seated immediately! You can’t imagine what a gorgeous menu they have. It took me a little bit to make up my mind on what to order. The pastries were delicious. Their signature dish is the Ladurée macaron. Continue reading