Salad | Lebanese with a twist


Today I had a friend over for lunch and I was very eager to try a recipe from Comptoir Libanais.

The salad is easy to make it’s only that the ‘leaf parsley’ is an ingredient hard to find in a regular shop here. As it’s the main ingredient of the salad you can’t really replace it with anything else. The original recipe is without feta cheese. I think it’s a great addition as it wouldn’t be filling enough to provide as lunch and it would be better as a side dish. I served the salad with warm brown french bread from the oven.

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Breakfast | Banana Bread


A different slice of bread. It’s good to change habits once in a while. I don’t know what you like to eat for breakfast, but we usually start the day with a simple slice of bread. Sometimes toasted, sometimes not. So I decided it was time to pull out a recipe for a fabulous out of the ordinary bread: banana bread! It smells just wonderful.

Unfortunately I just broke my kitchen aid machine. It would have been very handy to mix the ingredients. Of course it doesn’t mean I have to work the bread dough with my feet like they would do in the Middle Ages 😉 We are going to go about this in a more recent yet old fashioned way: by hand.

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Spring | Puff Pastry with Spinach, Eggs and Sweet Gorgonzola

Spinach,spinach pastry

The best combination ever you will keep on serving ’till the last crumb!

Another great dish with the two magic key ingredients for oven dishes I like to make: spinach and eggs. You can never serve enough of this dish, you are always short. Because it’s so tasty you tend to eat faster, but if you wait a little while you will notice that it’s not actually that light!

Gorgonzola originates from Italy and has a very distinctive smell and bluish green marbling look. It is a soft cheese and less strong than the Gorgonzola Piccante. For this dish I’ve only you used a little to sprinkle on top. It’s just to add a bit of spice. Continue reading