Quinoa | Salad with Sweet Potatoes


Friendly inspiration. This gorgeous veggie recipe is inspired by the recipe of a dear friend. The combination of fresh carrots and sweet potatoes is so surprising! Quinoa, ‘the golden grain of the Andes’, is rich in fibers and a great source of protein. It has a firm structure and a rich, earthy taste. It combines very well with brown rice. I used a mix of red, white and black biological quinoa.

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Health | The Power of the Pomegranate


blog2Superfood Pomegranate! The Pomegranate, a complicated piece of fruit on the inside. Stuffed with vitamins, supposedly good for blood pressure, heart, mood and you name it. All the more reason to add some of this gorgeous juice and pips to my yoghurt.  An easy way to dress up your dessert of any kind.

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