Lunch | Sweet Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese Sandwich


Flavour extravaganza! The combination of gorgonzola cheese and pear is a classic sweet and savory combination. This sandwich makes a great lunch.

Remove the skin and slice the pear into little pieces. Then slice the cheese. In the meantime you can toast a few pieces of bread. The minute the toast is ready, cover the bread with the cheese, pear, sprinkle on some walnuts and drizzle with honey…mmm!

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Inspiration | Haunted by the Macarons


Mmmmmacaron! I am trying so hard to like the macarons. Why? Because they look so good! The first couple I tried was in Brussels at Pauls. The whole experience was truly awful. We paid a fortune and they tasted terrible. Over the years they’ve become a true hype all over the world. Hundreds of different recipe books on all the variations have been published. Even bakeries specialize in these little meringue biscuits filled with gooey stuff.

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Summer | Spinach Soup with Chickpeas


najoboSpanish spinach soup with chickpeas! Potaje de garbanzos y espinacas. This recipe was inspired by Claudia Roden’s book: The food of Spain. It’s a beautiful book full of inspirational regional Spanish recipes. I’ve been cooking this soup for a while now and it has become one of my favourite soups to make for guests.

Lets get started: Peel the potato and slice into thin pieces. Fill a large soup pan with 750 ml water and one cube of stock. Add the chickpeas and sliced potato. Boil the mix on a moderate fire.

In the mean time chop the garlic in halves and break the bread into little pieces. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan and add the garlic and bread. Fry slowly until the garlic turns slightly (!) brown.

Add the spinach to the chick peas and potato mixture. Cover and leave to simmer, stir every now and then. Now boil two eggs for 8 minutes, peel them and remove the egg yoke.

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Dessert | Fresh Fruit Ice Cream


icecreamEye catching, jummy looking and fast result

Make your own ice pops! To get started you need to buy a tray set for the pops. These sets are easy to clean and reusable. Fun to make together and dare to mix! I love to experiment with a mixture of fruit, yoghurt and ice cream. The pops can serve as a refreshing treat on a hot summers day but they are just as great in the winter when you are dreaming of an island, smelling the sea and watching the clouds drift by whilst leaning back in your chair. For this trial I used kiwi, orange, strawberries and strawberry yoghurt.

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Cake | Turban

Turban cake

This can’t turn out a flop! Sunday is the best day to be creative and bake cakes. If you happen to have a birthday party in the weekend, try to bake a cake for the birthday boy/girl! It is a great way to surprise someone and a good reason to get creative.

The Egyptians were the first to show baking skills. A long time ago cakes were just round, flour based bread without the sweetening. Later on cakes were considered a symbol of well being. Continue reading

Dessert | Tiramisu’ White Chocolate and Raspberries

Tiramisu with summer fruit raspberry

Tiramisu’ and summer fruit. Sprinkle on the white chocolate! This is not your standard Tiramisu recipe. I find the Summer Tiramisu’ a nice variety of the classical version. Like summers should be, this dish is cheerful looking and draws an immediate smile upon your face. Tira-mi-su literally means pull-me-up. Why pull me up? The classical Tiramisu’ always has coffee inside. Coffee keeps you awake, pulls you up!

I’ve bought the white chocolate at a ‘chocolaterie’ in Delft. When you make a dish with only a few ingredients, it’s important to find a good quality. Same goes for the raspberries, the ones I’ve used here come from a local greengrocer.

This famous dessert comes from Treviso, northern Italy. In Italy you buy the so called ‘Savoiardi‘, but in The Netherlands we have ‘lange vingers’ known as lady fingers in English. They are the basis for the Tiramisu’ in general. The classical version of Tiramisu’ is one of my personal favourites, but every now and then it’s nice to challenge recipes that have been around for long.

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