Winter | Chicken in Beer


Drunk chicken!
What a fantastic taste! I’ve tried chicken in Marsala wine, but chicken baked in beer is also very delicious. My husband and I are wine drinkers so I really had to set my mind to actually go and buy one can of beer.

Fry the chicken in the butter and olive oil mixture. Season with  salt and pepper on both sides. After the chicken starts to become golden, add some beer. Keep a lid on the frying pan for about 10 minutes. End result: soft and tasty chicken.

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Autumn | Chicken Marsala and Mushrooms


Sweet, sweet chicken! We took home some Marsala wine (17% alcohol) from Italy to try out the famous ‘Pollo al Marsala’ recipe. Marsala comes from Sicily and it’s a fortified wine that tastes like Sherry. The Marsala I’m using is a ‘Fine’. This means it’s a very young wine and less than a year of age.

I’ve never eaten this dish before and this will be the first time! I got the recipe from Italian Food Net. You can follow the instruction video step by step. The only thing you have to be aware of is to adjust the cooking time to the size of the chicken breast. Don’t be shocked by the amount of butter used!

Preparation and cooking only takes about 20 minutes.

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Inspiration | Spontaneous Cheese Fondue Night


Buying groceries on a Saturday morning is not my favourite kind of thing. Whilst ticking off my shopping list and dodging people in the narrow aisles, my husband rushes over and waves a pack of jummy Swiss Cheese in front of me. How about a cosy, cheese fondue evening in front of the fire with wine from our Vin Box and bread from the oven? That’s what I call a mood saver!

We use a Boska fondue pan. It’s biggest advantages: super easy to clean and doesn’t take a lot of storage space. It makes a great gift!

Cheesy stuff!

To add a bit of variety to the standard bread dipping, slice a selection of vegetables to plunge into the cheese.

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Inspiration | Vin Box



An Authentic Vin Box!

I could never have imagined to one day be the proud owner of a cardboard box filled up with 5 liters of alcoholic beverage and a tap… not for beer, no. For wine of course!

This wine is one year old, fresh and fruity and therefor easy to drink. We were the only customers for the day, poor guy. Business isn’t great at the moment. There is a lot of competition in the Chianti region. There are so many great wines to choose from.

Watch a video on Traveling in Tuscany: Uncorking Chianti Classico:

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